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Artists Field Guide to Greater Yellowstone


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Unearthing Paradise: Montana Writers in Defense of Paradise


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An Elk River Books Reader: Livingston and Billings Area Writers


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“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.”  Rainer Maria Rilke


“Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet.” Willa Cather








Crazy Mountain, Sowilo Press, 2022. Crazy Mountain won the Eludia Award, the Barbara Deming Award, and was a finalist for other awards. For more information about  Crazy Mountain,click here .








Katie Holsinger Ed., Trinity University Press, 2021. Includes “The Land of the Lynx” by Elise Atchison, paired with artwork by Carrie Wild.


Writers include: Elise Atchison, Rick Bass, Todd Burritt, Tom Campbell, Lyn Dalebout, Matt Daly, Joanne Dornan, Gary Ferguson, Geneen Marie Haugen, Susan Marsh, Craig Mathews, Arthur Middleton, Doug Peacock, Karen Reinhart, Kelsey K. Sather, Gail Small, Jack Turner, Rebecca Watters, Tina Welling, Marylee White, Connie Wieneke, Todd Wilkinson, Terry Tempest Williams.


Artists include: Kalon Baughan, Tamara Callens, Meredith Campbell, Sue Cedarholm, Derek DeYoung, Loretta, Domaszewski, Katy Ann Fox, Dwayne Harty, Laney Hicks, DG House, Will Hunter, Sarah Kariko, Jenni Lowe-Anker, Mimi Matsuda, James Prosek, Robert Schlenker, Tucker Smith, Kay Stratman, Kara Tripp, Shannon Troxler, Kathryn Turner, Carrie Wild, Monte Yellow Bird Sr.



UNEARTHING PARADISE: Montana Writers in Defense of Paradise (Anthology)


Elk River Books Press, 2016. Edited by Marc Beaudin, Seabring Davis, and Max Hjorstberg, with a foreword by Terry Tempest Williams. Includes short story “Trout Tears” by Elise Atchison. This anthology was a finalist for the High Plains Book Award.


Writers include: Martha Adkins, Bryce Andrews, Elise Atchison, Rick Bass, Marc Beaudin, Frank Carter, Dave Caserio, John Clayton, Michael Earl Craig, Seabring Davis, Edwin Dobb, Charlotte McGuinn Freeman, Amanda Fortini, Tami Haaland, Jim Harrison, Max Hjortsberg, William “GatzHjortsberg, John Holt, Greg Keeler, Alan Kesselheim, Joan Kresich, Ken McCullough, Brant Oswald, Doug Peacock, Ilona Popper, Bernard Quetchenbach, Shann Ray, Myers, Reece, Russell Rowland, Toby Thompson, Richard Wheeler, Todd Wilkinson, Terry Tempest Williams.



AN ELK RIVER BOOKS READER: Livingston and Billings Area Writers (Anthology)


Allen Morris Jones, Ed., Bangtail Press, May, 2014. Includes short story “Ancient Aquifers” by Elise Atchison.


Writers include: Elise Atchison, Marc Beaudin, Peter Bowen, Stephen Byler, Tim Cahill, John Clayton, Michael Earl Craig, Seabring Davis, Gary Ferguson, Amanda Fortini, Thomas Goltz, Tom Groneberg, Tami Haaland, Jim Harrison, Max Hjortsberg, William Hjortsberg, John Holt, Ed Kemmick, Walter Kirn, Craig Lancaster, Ralph Langer, Ken McCullough, Thomas McGuane, Scott McMillion, Thomas McNamee, Andrea Peacock, Doug Peacock, Shann Ray, Elwood Reid, Russell Rowland, John Taliaferro, E. Donnall Thomas, Jr., Toby Thompson, Maryanne Vollers, Callan Wink.






Elise Atchison’s short stories, essays and book reviews have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including Montana Quarterly, Terrain: A Journal of Built and Natural Environments, Silk Road Review, Owen Wister Review, South Dakota Review, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts, Jackson Hole Review, Wordstock Ten, An Elk River Books Reader, Artist’s Field Guide to Greater Yellowstone,  Reflections West Radio, and elsewhere.





Elise Atchison received the Eludia Book Award for Fiction, the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Award, and a Montana Arts Council Artist Grant. She has been a finalist for many other awards including the Barry Lopez Nonfiction Award, Doug Fir Fiction Award, Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award, David Nathan Meyerson Fiction Prize, Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction, Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction, Wordstock Short Fiction Award and others.